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The Death Planner

A fully qualified specialist in pre death planning and organisation.

Kristie x

'Preparing for death
is one of the most powerful things you can do. Thinking about death clarifies your life.'

Candy Chang

Death care is my passion

As a former funeral director and now qualified estate planner, I strongly believe that planning for your death is extremely important, but often overlooked. What if we put as much effort and energy into planning for illness and death, as we do for so many other aspects of our lives?

We love to plan or talk about other significant events in our lives – our weddings, our pregnancies, our christenings, our retirements, but to talk or plan for our death is much less popular. Why not put as much thought and consideration into your final act, possibly the most important occasion of all?

Preparing for the end can truly bring peace of mind and help us make the most of our finite lives.

Take a minute of your life to think about the end of it


Fortunately, I was referred to Kristie at The Death Planner, what a delightful young lady. Her expertise, compassion and sympathy, helped me to make changes to my Will that were very difficult. I would recommend this charming and knowledgeable lady to anyone who is thinking of either writing or changing their Will.



I spoke to a number of solicitors when looking for someone to administer our Wills and unlike other companies who approached my initial enquiry in a very transactional way, Kristie provided a human, discreet service with a wealth of expertise. Highly recommended!



This was a process totally out of my comfort zone, but I did it and I am now really pleased I did. Kristie’s clear, thorough guidance throughout made it all very simple. Now I know that all my specific wishes will be taken care of

Mrs B