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Death is inevitable

But the majority of people are not talking about it. That is where The Death Planner comes in.

About us

As a former funeral director and now qualified estate planner, I strongly believe that death is inevitable, but the majority of people are not talking about it.

That is where the Death Planner comes in, giving you the space and the tools needed to explore your relationship with death, ultimately creating a culture of openness surrounding it.

It is seemingly not deemed important for people to pre-plan for their death. However, I believe that we all have a duty to make the end of our life as easy as possible for those we love and leave behind. Plus, you get the send-off you truly desire.

We need to leave our family and friends with happy memories, as opposed to ones of fights over the funeral, the will……………….. and even the goldfish!

There are obvious reasons why we avoid talking about death, but we really shouldn’t. The Death Planner can bring a comfort to talking about death and dying and can offer end of life support and advice.

Discussing death with those you love, let alone confronting it yourself, is difficult. However, death is an inevitable part of life and planning for it can help those that you love immeasurably. When a family knows their loved ones wishes, it can offer some certainty and comfort during what can be one of the most challenging times in their life.

People are beginning to realise that pro-active planning is essential, as now more than ever, we genuinely do not know what will happen to us and when.

The trouble is you think you have time

Life is finite

For a generation focused on self-care and well-being, with a heightened awareness of life being finite, actively dealing with your death now will lead to a better life lived. Millennials are newly anxious about their mortality; increasingly comfortable talking about it and more likely to be grieving or know someone who is. It is a positive to accept that you are not immortal. Also, with the existential threat of everything from powerful dictators, to climate change and now the Coronavirus casting a shadow over our daily lives, we should be using this time wisely to reflect and plan. Why not break the taboo with the thing you can actually control - your relationship with your own mortality? Ultimately, this can lead you to a better relationship with yourself and your own end.